2021-2022 Fall/Winter Youth League


Alliance Fitness Center

Alliance Fitness Center Pucks

10E. Koch
10T. Wehr
11K. Bean
16S. Witman
23E. Epler
24R. Graeff
27L. Weiner
29B. Weaver

Alvernia University Junior Golden Wolves

8W. Kennedy
19N. Lawrence
20E. Miller
22V. Lucchese
23J. Decker
25J. Mohrman
32G. Nye
99J. Kemmerer

Visions Federal Credit Union Lil' Savers

5J. Ford
6C. Hettinger
7P. Fangman
14D. Rightmyer
22A. Laird
54L. Markoski
90J. Domalski
95E. Corson
Berks Oral Surgery

Berks Oral Surgery Tigers

1K. Kriebel
10G. Shober
12E. Frank
22O. Clugston
23C. Bedford
38B. Losito
49C. Mell
99P. Winans


Alliance Fitness Center

State Farm Agents of Cohen

7C. Farrar0000
8F. Gass0000
10B. Stewart0000
15J. Pappas0000
17G. Phillips0000
38L. Losito0000
91D. Barto0000
98C. Ford0000
East Coast SteelFab

East Coast SteelFab Blades of Steel

5E. Nolan0000
7J. Jasorka0000
11G. Graeff0000
16O. Graeff0000
23R. Lazarus0000
27C. Morrissey0000
39L. Dower0000
88N. Jolls0000

Bell Tower Salon & Spa Razors

3J. Dever0000
27T. Good0000
33Z. Lawrence0000
34S. Choudhry0000
37P. Purfield0000
64M. Miller0000
87M. Morel0000
98L. Capato0000
Berks Oral Surgery

WOW! Literary Council of Reading-Berks Warriors

8A. Morrison0000
17H. Frey0000
20B. Murray0000
21L. Stickler0000
45C. Kriebel0000
82W. Bashore0000
93C. Winchester0000
95E. Corson0000

Half Ice 2 Goalies

1L. Murray0000
9G. Kauffman0000
40S. Bell0000
57K. Maher0000


Anewalt's Landscape Contracting

Anewalt Landscaping Anewalt's Amigos

4P. Young0000
11H. Wagner0000
14C. Beahr0000
21E. Yeager-Brenner0000
22F. Anewalt0000
28L. Gentile0000
40A. Tomsho0000
56P. Maher0000
71L. Finnerty0000
Dr. Richard Christoph

Rich Christoph Fl"eye"rs

2V. Guthier0000
11J. Pauley0000
15M. Magana0000
17O. Papst0000
22M. Corcino0000
25A. Epler0000
28T. Loeb0000
51C. Choudhry0000
66A. Schwartz0000
94J. Domalski0000

Outten Jeep Gladiators

3R. Trogus0000
6D. Frank0000
7W. Hodgdon0000
9X. Therrien0000
12L. Castiglia0000
16L. Witman0000
27J. Wentzel0000
55C. Hackman0000
65H. Witmyer0000
77L. Hemmig0000
Berks Oral Surgery

Robin Shilling Renegades

7H. Congdon-Marth0000
8A. Hill0000
9B. Lafaver0000
10L. Willingham0000
12G. Porter0000
24T. Groucutt0000
38G. Losito0000
48C. Gamoneda0000
71K. Skiles0000
90C. Figarola0000

Full Ice 1 Goalies

9G. Kauffman0000
18E. Boykin0000
29M. Foster0000
29A. Witman0000
31A. Gentile0000
37D. Garner0000
49C. Mell0000


Alliance Fitness Center

Green Valley Dental Drillers

3T. Miller0000
26P. Meyers0000
29B. Dejesus0000
35M. Bodden0000
45L. Schroeder0000
53C. Cinege0000
75T. Hertzog0000
86T. Nast0000
92W. Hodgdon0000

The Flying Elbows

4D. Schnatz0000
7M. Surrena0000
10M. Long0000
14D. Kunkel0000
20B. Spatz0000
28B. McCloskey0000
34G. Wiand0000
38G. Christmann0000
43B. Moyer0000
Construction Masters Services

CMS Saints

12N. Weaver0000
17N. Martz0000
19G. Wilson0000
44B. McDonald0000
50B. Reichert0000
58C. Choudhry0000
78K. Wehr0000
87C. Kuhns0000
88I. Bare0000
T Mobile

T-Mobile Trailblazers

2S. Castiglia0000
6D. Amey0000
7C. Frasca0000
8J. Snuffer0000
11J. Perez0000
15C. Smith0000
20B. Bailey0000
21T. Opperman0000
53P. Plasha0000

Full Ice 2 Goalies

24A. Boykin0000
39E. Porter0000
70G. Bennicoff0000
79L. Donnelly0000