Youth League

The Reading Royals Youth League will be instructional for both the players and parents and will be focused on sportsmanship, equal playing time, and friendly competition.

The in-house development model suits the hockey community that we are looking to build and sustain.

To help with the “burnout” crisis in youth hockey – where kids are spending more time traveling to an event than actually playing, our program is built so athletes get the most out of their commitment.

Offering our athletes, a manageable commitment level (2 ice slots/week—1 practice, 1 game) will allow for a healthy hockey/life balance. This will also promote long-term development and enjoyment of the game.

The end goal is that every player learns, loves, and continues to play for many years to come!


  • The family that doesn’t want to commit full-time (5 days a week)
  • The family that wants their child involved in multiple extracurricular activities
  • The family that is just getting started in youth hockey
  • The family that doesn’t want the financial burden of a travel program

We are excited to offer the following options for the 2021-2022 season

HALF ICE LEAGUE (U8 and beginner U10)

This league offers more structure in gameplay and rules. The benefits of half-ice for young players include more touches of the puck, shots on net, and passes. Because of the smaller playing surface, players are closer to the puck at all times. This forces players to make quicker decisions due to the lack of time and space. This format stresses the importance of puck possession, wanting to have the puck, and wanting to get it back quickly when the other team has it.

FULL ICE LEAGUE (U10, U12 and U14)

Everything starts to come together in full ice play. Team concepts take the forefront. Players will be taught how to play 5 on 5 hockey and the responsibilities of each position. They will learn to make good decisions with and without the puck in all 3 zones: offensive, defensive and neutral. Understanding the notions of time and space, players will practice using the space available to them and learn how to create options with individual skill, puck support, and awareness.

2021-2022 Season Age Classifications

USA Hockey Playing Season: September 1, 2021 thru August 31, 2022

Youth Teams

No USAH registration fee 2015 and younger (6 & Under)

200516 Years16 & Under (Midget)
200615 Years16 & Under (Midget)
200714 Years14 or Under (Bantam)
200813 Years14 or Under (Bantam)
200912 Years12 or Under (Pee Wee)
201011 Years12 or Under (Pee Wee)
201110 Years10 or Under (Squirt)
20129 Years10 or Under (Squirt)
20138 Years8 or Under (Mite)
20147 Years8 or Under (Mite)
USA Hockey

USA Hockey
2021-2022 Registration

Join as a player, coach, referee, or volunteer. This is required to participate in all Reading Royals Youth Hockey Association programs.

ADM USA Hockey

USA Hockey American Developmental Model

The ADM is a nationwide model for successfully developing American hockey players, ensuring they have a great chance to succeed.


Interested in Coaching for the team?

USA Hockey and the Coaching Education Program require both certification and registration to be eligible to coach.